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    Online Tutoring & Assistance

    All of our services are available online to learners countrywide.

    Welcome to Brain2Train

    Motivating, inspiring and encouraging students since 2011.

    We aim to provide for each learner’s individual needs so that they can strive to reach their fullest potential as well as their goals in their schooling career.

    We offer tuition services in a comfortable and relaxed environment in which any child can thrive and progress at their own pace. Our classrooms are based in Highway Gardens, Germiston.

    Each learner is provided with individual attention and assistance while sitting alongside students with the same drive and goals.

    We also offer an option of one-on-one tutoring and we come to you. Areas covered include Bedfordview, Edenvale, Greenstone, Highway Gardens, Edenglen, Harmelia, Buurendal, Elma Park, Houghton, Kempton Park, Solheim, Primrose Hill and St. Andrews.

    In addition to this, we offer countrywide online tutoring and assistance.



    We offer tutoring services for all grades and subjects in a comfortable and relaxed environment. We also travel to tutor.


    Homework Assistance

    Helping students complete their homework and making sure they grasp the concepts that are required to be learnt and understood.

    Spelling & Reading Skills

    Give your child a good foundation and boost their confidence.

    Study Skills

    Assisting students with summarizing, minds maps, acronyms, Q-cards etc. to help them get the most out of their preparation for tests and exams.


    Work Ahead

    We firmly believe that working ahead is beneficial for a student so we always strive to help students get ahead of the rest.

    Online Tutoring

    Online tutoring and assistance available countrywide.

    Why Choose Brain2Train

    Tutoring Dedicated to Help Students

    We strive to help every student with his/hers individual needs in a way that they can learn best.

    Experienced and Qualified

    All tutors are qualified and experienced with proven results.

    Hands on Service

    We pride ourselves in effective communication between tutor, student and parent.

    Our Story

    We live by the motto “when you know better you do better”; that’s why our goal as qualified tutors is to be passionate in what we do and motivate students to better their knowledge, understanding and to apply what they learn which will ultimately assist them in reaching their goals.

    We have been motivating, inspiring and encouraging students since 2011. We focus on providing individual attention to learners in small groups of 2-6 students so that tutoring is affordable and each learner receives the individual attention they deserve. We also provide the option of one-on-one tutoring.

    Meet the Team

    Jamie-Lee Schoeman

    Jamie-Lee Schoeman


    Qualification: BED
    Age: 28
    Experience: 10 years

    “I aim to encourage and inspire learners to develop a passion for learning so that they can fully benefit from their schooling career. I believe that consistency is the secret to improvement and having an open mind and a willing spirit takes one far throughout life. I love helping others accomplish their goals and wish to instill a hard work ethic, dedication and perseverance in every individual, without these characteristics you cannot accomplish much. Teamwork is a key to success. I ensure that I adapt my teachings in a way that a learner understands best so that they can focus on and maximize their strengths to overcome their weaker areas. I always strive to make learning an enjoyable process and aim to create a comfortable and pleasant environment, which breaks down any barriers there may be that could stunt a student’s growth.”

    Gabriella Goncalves

    Gabriella Goncalves


    Qualification: BED
    Age: 21
    Experience: 3 years

    “I’ve learnt that enjoying a subject is a key to success and this is what I aim to instill in each one of my students. My goal is to inspire and motivate every individual student who lacks confidence and help them to believe in themselves and their true abilities. I strive to bring an element of fun into my lessons, structuring them around the student’s interests and combining this into the work content. This helps them to better understand and remember what’s been taught. Each student is entirely unique and this uniqueness should be encouraged and embraced. A truth that I try to instill in every student is that all of us face unavoidable challenges and that I can relate to how they feel, but by learning how to overcome them with the right support system and guidance they will be able to reach their full potential in any dream they have.”

    Gabriella Goncalves

    Stefan Schoeman

    Business Management

    Accounts, Sales & Marketing

    At Brain 2 Train our primary goal is to make the experience pleasant to both parent and student with the primary objective to assist the student improve and reach the goal that they are capable of.

    What our clients say

    "just got better year on year"

    Brain2Train reviewsMy daughter Sohara started Afrikaans lessons with Jamie Lee in 2016 when she was in grade 7. Sohara hadn’t done Afrikaans until she got to grade 5 so she struggled with the subject and was failing the subject. This worried me as she is an A student in all of her other subjects .After a few months at Brain to Train Sohara was passing Afrikaans and just got better year on year . Sohara is in grade 11 now and getting 80% plus for Afrikaans and we have Jamie Lee to thank for this … Jamie I hope you know you’re stuck with Sohara until the end of 2021 and hopefully she will finish matric with 90% plus …. thanks Brain 2 Train …

    Nina Chetty

    "educational needs are taken care of"

    Brain2Train reviews

    My son has been with Brain 2 Train since 2017, I have seen the improvement in his marks. Jamie and team are so patient and helpful with him. They are also hands on and follow up to find out what his schedule is like to ensure that he has done all the required preparations for tests and exams. Moving into lockdown and online learning was seamless and lessons have been carrying on well during this difficult time. I would recommend B2T to anyone who wants to have peace of mind knowing that their kid’s educational needs are taken care of.

    Lutendo Muvhango

    "amazing tutoring institution"

    Brain2Train reviews

    Brain 2 Train is an amazing tutoring institution- with our hectic lives we lead I find Jamie so accommodating and caring. Jamie’s enthusiasm for my 15 year old son is contagious that he is even interested in studying. I highly recommend the Brain 2 Train institution as it is a loving, humble and safe environment for our children. Thanks so much, Shelley.

    Shelly Duarte

    "very professional"

    Brain2Train reviews

    I can highly recommend Jamie at Brain2Train. My daughter was struggling with Afrikaans. I was looking for a one on one lesson.  Brain2train was perfect fit for my daughter. Jamie made the lessons and exciting to go. A very professional run business with my child’s best interest at heart. Thank you Jamie!!!

    Jacqui Mills

    "The team is agile, innovative, fun"

    Brain2Train reviews

    Thank you so much to the team at Brain2Train. My kids’ marks and understanding of maths has increased tremendously since being on the program.

    Their level of stress and anxiety around Maths as a subject has diminished significantly. We have seen an average of over 50% increase in marks, even during the challenging times of lockdown. The team is agile, innovative, fun and can relate to children, often extending way beyond just tutoring.

    Thank you for your support and quick solutions.

    I know we’ll have this partnership for years to come.

    Nthabeleng Thoabala

    "I can always count on you"

    Brain2Train reviews

    My daughter is currently in grade 6. She started having classes with Jamie in grade 5 when she moved in with me. I needed someone who could assist my daughter as I barely know the language and could not help her with anything when it comes to Afrikaans. Jamie has been more than a great help. She assists with schoolwork, homework, assessments in their various forms and more. My daughter is currently sitting with an ‘A’ for her November exam mark. I have no doubt her report mark will be just as great!!!! Thank you Jamie for all your help. I never have to worry about anything when it comes to the Afrikaans subject because you always take care of everything. I can always count on you.

    Khanyo Pakkies


    Brain2Train reviewsJamie has been absolutely fantastic for our daughter; she has improved her grades immensely in just one term. Her confidence in Afrikaans has grown so much. We would like to thank Jamie for her hard work, patience and kindness. She’s passionate about what she is doing and it comes across in her tutoring.

    Alexandre Dias


    Brain2Train reviews

    Working with Jamie from Brain2Train was a very pleasant experience. Jamie was very professional and patient when working with Simone. She strove to make sure that Simone understood the work well before moving on to a new topic. She also encouraged Simone to speak up if she didn’t understand something, and Simone is much more confident when tackling her Maths problems. The tutoring services were also very affordable, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for patient, encouraging and friendly tutors.

    Amanda Ngwenya


    Brain2Train reviews

    I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation, she tutors both of my daughters in grade 8 & 3. Some of the qualities I have seen in Jamie are reliability, flexibility and a positive attitude. Jamie is patient and observant, realizing readiness and helping student overcome fears and previous defeating experiences. I highly recommend that parents consider enrichment tutoring with Jamie that fills in the learning gaps that occur in today’s schools. It is just impossible for a teacher with dozens of students to provide the mentoring that Jamie does in her study classes.

    Anusha Perumall


    Brain2Train reviews

    Jamie is a remarkable teacher whose passion for the subjects she teaches is contagious. Under her tuition my sons became motivated and enthusiastic and her innovative approach to teaching has definitely born fruit.

    Dean Pitman

    Other services by Brain2Train

    School Transport in Germiston


    We offer safe and reliable transport, to and from school or from school/home to our facility and back. Areas covered include Bedfordview, Edenvale, Highway Gardens, Edenglen, Harmelia, Buurendal, Elma Park, Houghton, St. Andrews.

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