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    Educational Toys by Tinker Toys

    The Tinker Shop - Educational toys

    Brain2Train is proud to introduce a new product that we believe will enrich the lives of many children and help them become the leading industry creators of the future. While building, the children are encouraged to be inquisitive, innovative and creative.

    Skills developed

    • Problem-solving
    • Creativity and design
    • Intellectual curiosity
    • Mathematical skills
    • Hand/eye co-ordination
    • Fine motor skills
    • Tactile perception
    • Concentration
    Rubber band boat by Tinker Toys

    Rubber Band Boat

    • 19 piece
    • 2 rubber bands
    • Glue
    Rubber band car by Tinker Toys

    Rubber Band Car

    • 21 piece
    • 1 split pin
    • 3 rubber bands
    • Glue
    Catapult by Tinker Toys


    • 17 piece
    • 14 screws
    • 2 rubber bands
    • Glue
    Airplane by Tinker Toys


    • 27 piece
    • 11 screws
    • 1 nut
    • Glue
    Scrapper by Tinker Toys


    • 18 piece
    • 17 screws
    • Glue

    Workbooks by Marié Joost Boeke

    Marie Jooste Boeke - educational books

    We have been supplying these books to numerous students over the years now, and we’re proud to list their products on our site now. These books are extremely helpful as a study aid to help students improve their grades for Afrikaans FAL. 

    Marie Jooste Boeke | Graad 7 Werkboek
    Marie Jooste Boeke | Graad 8 Werkboek
    Marie Jooste Boeke | Graad 9 Werkboek
    Marie Jooste Boeke | Graad 10 Werkboek
    Marie Jooste Boeke | Graad 11 + 12 Werkboek
    Marie Jooste Boeke | Graad 11 + 12 Werkboek

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